VBICVirginia Business Information Center
VBICVertical Bipolar Intercompany
VBICVirtual Business Innovation Center (various organizations)
VBICVertical Bipolar Integrated Circuit
VBICVertical Blanking Interval Code
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The majority of VBIC was acquired by Vanguard Health Financial Company, a downstream subsidiary of VHS in the fall of 2011.
Additionally, VBIC has been able to maintain favorable operating results through the first half of 2012, building on its positive year-end operating results.
Offsetting these positive rating factors is VBIC s unfavorable membership trends, which has negatively impacted premium levels over the past several years and has continued through the second quarter of 2012.
As part of the acquisition, the new parent is in the process of putting into place an unconditional guarantee of all liabilities of VBIC to be filed with the Texas regulator, and is also in discussions with VBIC about a sizeable capital contribution to bolster its capital to support future growth and potential earnings volatility.
Best expects VBIC to maintain operating stability through positive organic earnings and capital growth going forward.
The revised outlook is due to the uncertainty VBIC experiences being an important strategic affiliate of its parent, Valley Baptist Health System (VBHS), providing quality care in the Harlingen and Brownsville service areas.
The VBIC and VERNA systems are powered by IBS Group's BizWorldPro digital commerce platform which has been customized to support the two states SBDC's business development initiatives amongst its estimated 200,000 small to mid-sized businesses, many of whom are still feeling the impact of Hurricane Katrina.
We are getting extremely good reviews for our VBIC implementation," said Mike Vanderlip, Associate State Director of Mississippi's SBDC network and Project Director for VBIC, "and IBSG's team has been invaluable in support of our efforts.
We now will together carry the message to both Mississippi's and Alabama's business communities to encourage organizations throughout the state to link up with the VBIC or VERNA network to leverage their business growth".
The active device models include both Gummel-Poon and VBIC formats, which provide designers with greater flexibility in design.
1, SOI, TFT, VBIC and MEXTRAM, with innovative numerics to provide unmatched speed, accuracy and convergence.