VBIEDVehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device
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Sameer Baloch used to pay Rs 5000 to accused for carrying out a single bomb blast," CCPO said while referring the initial investigation into the arrest of VBIED expert.
We need to take that and we need to apply it to VBIED platforms.
At 1302, a second VBIED detonated along Route Elizabeth, to the northeast of the PHQ.
Both events are security-sensitive, and seeing the possibility of the VBIED attacks, secret agencies have warned the police and other law enforcers to remain alert and make extraordinary security arrangements on both occasions.
Gunners from Tanks Number Two and Three immediately applied Force Protection Measures i through 4 and would have implemented Force Protection Measure 5 except by that time the VBIED had already rammed into the left rear of Tank Number Three.
It reads: "Black Watch traffic control point was attacked by a suicide VBIED.
Tim King, Five Soldiers Killed by VBIED in Iraq Among Latest Casualties, Salem News.
The HBIED follows the IED (improvised-explosive device-homemade bomb) and VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised-explosive device - car bomb) into a terrorist lexicon started in Iraq and subsequently transported to Afghanistan.
The elite Afghan soldiers discovered a vehicle by the side of the road that had been prepared for use as a VBIED.
39) Another case, from January 2008, involved a group of five terrorists who were preparing their VBIED when it accidentally went off, killing them all.
With minimal coordination and shift of close target reconnaissance assets, they follow up and hit the next target, taking down a VBIED cell leader, financier, and logistician.
We began to pick up speed again, then we were hit by a VBIED - Vehicle borne improvised explosive device.