VBLSVirginia Beach Lifesaving Service (Virginia)
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The VBL is amphibious and can run in waters at 5.4 km/h; it is also air transportable.
However, what is appropriate for an individual and worthwhile to him on the VBLS theory can be quite inappropriate and worthless objectively speaking, since his well-being can lie in the pursuit of pleasure to the exclusion of everything else, or in getting special favors from the state, or in discriminating against members of certain groups, and so on.
"Serval" has been a wholly different story, as a good part of the French contingent was equipped with armoured assets, ranging from the VBCI infantry combat vehicle to VAB armoured personnel carriers, VBL light armoured vehicles and Xerax armoured-cabin trucks, while logistics still heavily relied on unprotected vehicles.
The writing device uses electromagnetics to snip off the end of a strip, making a tiny bubble with a pair of VBLs in its wall.
This solution is obviously available also to exported vehicles, since over 670 VBLs are in use in 15 other countries, with the car in both Mk 1 and Mk 2 configurations still attracting much interest.
Panhard's 4 x 4 VBL, developed to meet a French Army need for a vehicle weighing less than 3500 kg, has become one of the most widely deployed vehicles in this class with an order book boasting almost 2300 vehicles for at least 15 customers since the first was delivered in 1990.
The French Army plans to fit the Sit on AMX-10 RC, VBL and the planned VBCI.