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VBMValence Band Maximum
VBMVoxel-Based Morphometry (neuroimaging analysis technique)
VBMValue Based Management (shareholder based approach to managing companies)
VBMVirtual Beit Midrash
VBMVisual Backward-Masking
VBMVery Bad Man (Internet slang)
VBMVendor Business Manager (IBM)
VBMVieux Boulons Marmandais (French car club)
VBMVietnamese Baptist Mission
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Named in honor of Justice Thurgood Marshall's first wife, Vivian Burey Marshall, the VBM Program will follow a cohort of students from sixth through tenth grade.
You can get some sense of where you stand in the national hierarchy by studying your Quality Resource and Use Report (QRUR), which gathers information about each practice's quality and performance rates for the VBM.
In Chapter 14, the authors extensively discuss how managers can create value using the VBM technique.
DAV believes that what VA is doing with the VBMS is the right thing to do, to get into a paperless situation.
Conflating the stakeholder theory's moral with VBM's technical sense of the term "value," Jonge (2006) proposes a stakeholder VBM to replace stockholder VBM.
29 cent a pound (including shipping), the firm would purchase the product from Mexico creating a larger profit margin while staying true to the concept of VBM.
Although ambitious, we believe VBM has the makings of a shift in operating philosophy of such magnitude that its success or failure may well define the current generation of Nordstrom management,'' said a report by Dain Rauscher Inc.
GIAT believes that the VBM will have to be wheeled, with all wheels steered, and RVI is already studying an 8 X 8 configuration which may fill the bill.
But if you order a huge CNC VBM with a 54-ft-dia table that takes a year to build, your delivery date may extend beyond the expiration date of the duty-free arrangement that might not be renewed.
VBM also represents catalogs from fine international publishing houses and literary agencies based in the United States and Europe.
PQRS GPRO (Group Practice Reporting Option) and VBM (Value Based Modifier) for large physician groups