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VBMValence Band Maximum
VBMVoxel-Based Morphometry (neuroimaging analysis technique)
VBMValue Based Management (shareholder based approach to managing companies)
VBMVirtual Beit Midrash
VBMVisual Backward-Masking
VBMVery Bad Man (Internet slang)
VBMVendor Business Manager (IBM)
VBMVieux Boulons Marmandais (French car club)
VBMVietnamese Baptist Mission
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A VBM technique is presented by [25] that investigate NC with MCI, and AD patients, utilizing brain atlas warping methodology to produce tissue density maps that mirror the distribution of brain tissues.
As part of transaction, current VBM leader Jesper Gamst will remain as managing director of VBM Laboratories.
The objective of this study is to test the existence of structural alterations in both white and gray matter in a sample of OCD patients when compared with a group of non-clinical matched controls using VBM.
In Chapter 14, the authors extensively discuss how managers can create value using the VBM technique.
How they must assist in the overall VBM success" Action plans transform strategy into the specific steps an organization will take to achieve its targeted goals, with particular emphasis on the short term.
Det Insp Parr added: "A red Astra vehicle linked to these bogus calls has been recovered in Wakefield and has the registration number R56 VBM.
Marzo said his company, VBM Industrial Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Co.
VBM Retail, which will run the ESPN digital shop sites, is developing branded and co-branded licensed product collections utilizing ESPN logos and drawing inspiration from brand personality and sport-specific cultural elements for each of the online stores.
While agreeing that aggressive oversight of the VBM claims transformation effort is essential, Violante said Congress must support full funding for the VBMS program and document scanning.