VBMRVéhicule Blindé Multirôles (French: Multi-Role Armored Vehicle)
VBMRVentilation Barrier Machine Room
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(30) The planned replacement for the VAB is the VBMR, which has not yet entered production.
This entails chassis and body shell, ballistic protection solutions, CBRN protection and interior design of the VBMR and EBRC as well as weapon system control electronics.
According to RTD the BMX-01 represents around 80% of what the VBMR should technically be.
Renault's prototype is considered to be a mobility and protection demonstrator, although RTD likes to consider its general architecture as pretty representative of the final VBMR. The multiple-purpose 6x6 is of monocoque construction fitted with hydrostat independent suspensions all round, with central tyre inflation, a combat weight of 24 tonnes and a payload capacity of 4.7 tonnes.
For the time being, the production of the VBCI for the French Army by the Nexter-RTD consortium is well underway, while the request for proposal for the two new vehicles that will replace the AMX-10RC and the Vab, respectively the EBRC and the VBMR, is awaited by year-end.
Purely a demonstrator at this stage, it is aimed at developing and testing all the technologies that Nexter considers key elements for the future VBMR and VBRC with which the French Army intends to replace the VAB 4x4 and theAMX-10RC6x6.