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VBNVisitor Based Network
VBNVolatile Basic Nitrogen
VBNVermittelndes Breitbandnetz (German: Visitor Based Network)
VBNVicarious by Nature (Los Angeles, CA; clothing line)
VBNVirtual Business Network Ltd. (UK)
VBNVereniging voor Bedrijfsredacteuren in Nederland (Dutch)
VBNValley Business News (Santa Clarita, CA)
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Effect of package method on TBARS and VBN values of dry-cured neck during storage at 10[degrees]C Packages Storage (d) 1 30 TBARS (mg MDA [kg.
Using the VBN framework, Stern (2000) suggests that a combination of interventions (religious and moral appeals, education, material incentives and penalties, communal rules and expectations) is most effective at eliciting changes in environmental behaviour.
He continued: "I accept that on the facts of the present case the fears of intrusion expressed by VBN are well founded.
Instead of replicating complexity at each remote location, Aruba's VBN solution virtualizes complex tasks at data center controllers and pushes them to inexpensive RAPs and BOCs for execution.
The intelligent centerpiece of the VBN, the Shasta 5000 BSN, combines both network transport and high-touch IP services on a single platform with a set of built-in IP-service processing tools.
Founded in 1958, VBN serves education, transportation, government and commercial clients, and has extensive experience in the design of transit facilities.
Total VBN concentration in chicken breast meat has been used as an index of meat freshness (Yamanaka and Matsumoto, 1989; Ohashi et al.
We find that the Aruba VBN solution is very easy to install and use.
01 M HCl to calculate the total VBN in the sample in terms of mg VBN per 100 g sausage, as described by Pearson (1976).
April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Christie TV online network, owned by NBA star Doug Christie and his fashion designer/author wife Jackie Christie, has signed a six figure deal with VBN.
The VBN content was determined after blank correction that was determined by the steam distillation of 6% perchloric acid.