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VBNVisitor Based Network
VBNVolatile Basic Nitrogen
VBNVermittelndes Breitbandnetz (German: Visitor Based Network)
VBNVicarious by Nature (Los Angeles, CA; clothing line)
VBNVirtual Business Network Ltd. (UK)
VBNVereniging voor Bedrijfsredacteuren in Nederland (Dutch)
VBNValley Business News (Santa Clarita, CA)
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FBD2 also upgraded the graphics for the pop-up frame that VBN has had for years.
Looking at the third baseline of VBN theory, Norm-Activation Model (Schwartz, 1977; Schwartz and Howard, 1981) based on the role of personal norms and moral values in explaining pro-environmental behaviors.
It is conceivable that dry-cured hams from YLD pigs showed relatively desirable meat quality parameters in terms of higher moisture and protein and less TBARS and VBN.
He continued: "I accept that on the facts of the present case the fears of intrusion expressed by VBN are well founded.
Instead of replicating complexity at each remote location, Aruba's VBN solution virtualizes complex tasks at data center controllers and pushes them to inexpensive RAPs and BOCs for execution.
Class VBN Stock * March 26, 1996 Circuit City Stores CarMax Group (#) November 11, 1996 Georgia Pacific Timber Group September 18, 1997 Conectiv Class A Common * August 12, 1996 Sprint Corp.
The transport underlying Mandalay Bay's VBN is based on Nortel Networks' optical Ethernet solution-operating on a resilient and simplified Ethernet-based network infrastructure.
After being stymied by the provincial government's insistence to have the ore processing facilities built in the province, Inco is now getting nowhere with holders of the VBN shares which represent a 25 percent stake in the project.
Under the plan, the company would offer Inco common shares and/or cash; a new series of convertible preferred shares, Class VBN, which are designed to reflect a 25% interest in the financial performance of the Voisey's Bay project; and an interest in DF's diamond business.
Total VBN concentration was used as an index of meat freshness, because it is increased by the levels of microbial contamination (Lee and Joo, 1999).
The VBN framework links value theory, norm-activation theory, and the New Environmental Paradigm (NEP) perspective through a causal chain that lead to environmental behaviour.