VBNCViable but Nonculturable State (bacteria)
VBNCVoisey's Bay Nickel Company (Canada)
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coli as a model organism for study may provide a fruitful tool for more in-depth investigation of VBNC states in pathogenic organisms.
More recently, the researchers investigated how VBNC E.
The investigators used the real-time polymerase chain reaction to monitor the expression of genes that may be involved in the acid and cold-induced VBNC process.
coli O157:H7 can adapt to acidic challenges by transforming it to the VBNC state.
Negotiations are currently under way between VBNC and the union with respect to a first collective agreement for such employees in Voisey's Bay.
VBNC remains optimistic that a collective agreement will be reached without any work disruptions.
The presence of sulphides at the base of the KIC and the large claim holdings by VBNC over the remainder of the KIC bodes well for the continuing exploration in the area.
In total 15 VBNC employees and 20 contract staff are being given four weeks notice that they will be released.