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VBOVirtual Battery Operation
VBOVertex Buffer Object
VBOVested Benefit Obligation (pension valuation)
VBOValence Band Offset (semiconductor property)
VBOVerbond der Belgische Ondernemingen (Dutch: Federation of Belgian Enterprises; Belgium)
VBOVirtual Box Office (online ticket office)
VBOVertical Burnout
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Here, VBO uses Young Jeezy's 'My President', an ode to president Obama when it became apparent he would become the first African American president in the White House (Neal, 2012).
Vehicle manufacturers will focus more on relationships with consumers and transform themselves into "Vehicle Brand Owners" or VBOs, redeploying much of their present responsibilities for co-ordination, sequencing and final assembly of vehicles to suppliers.
Mr Utting, who is based in Birmingham, said: "Within five to 10 years, we anticipate that fewer than seven VBOs, operating with something close to a global scale, will dominate the industry.
The nine material constants listed in Table 3 are sufficient for this endeavor using VBO, and since a good measure of the functionality of a constitutive model is the provision of a predictive capability, model predictions for creep response at 44 MPa juxtaposed with the experimental data are proffered in Fig.
An early version of the VBO model modified by Hiroe and Igari (11) was adopted by Hiroe et al.
We are pleased that Ventus has selected Dovetail as its VBO technology platform to help grow its small commercial book of business, said Steve Francis, CEO of Dovetail Insurance.