VBOSVirtual Back Office Software, Inc. (telecommunications; Boston, MA)
VBOSVictorian Board of Studies (now Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority; Australia)
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The terrain geometry is put in VBOs and stored on the GPU.
The method to determine the band offset [32] was described in the following three steps: first, to calculate the energy difference between the valence band maximum (VBM) and macroaveraged electrostatic potential through bulk calculations; second, to calculate the difference in the macroaveraged electrostatic potential across the ZB/WZ interface through the interface calculations; third, to determine the valence band offset (VBO) by combining the energy differences in bulk calculations and the potential difference across the interface, and furthermore the conduction band offset (CBO) from VBO and the difference in band gap between ZB and WZ phase CdS.
TABLE 2: Band offset (VBO and CBO) at CdS ZB-WZ heterocrystalline interface (values in parentheses without considering the interface dipole) and band gap ([E.sub.g]) with different zinc-blende (ZB) and wurtzite (WZ) atomic layers.
An extensive set of appendices includes advice on VBO structure, a board of advisors agreement, questions and answers for a thorough self-assessment, a market segmentation analysis guide and more.
As portions of development, engineering and production assets concentrate in a few key suppliers, VBOs will focus their attention on vehicle concept design and the consumer's overall experience with their brand.
Consumers are likely to see a broad range of service offers appear as VBOs compete for "one-to-one" consumer relationships.
"Mergers between major VBOs will continue to be a part of the competitive landscape.
He predicts that the manufacturers will become so-called vehicle brand owners (VBO) concentrating on building relationships with customers.The car maker will become the brand itself, as the VBO concentrates on designing concept cars and offering a personalised package to buyers.