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line 14': The writing ta-ma-al-ki here now confirms the emendation of sa-ma-al/an-ki in VBoT 89 i 9', 16' to ta-ma-[degrees], as proposed in CHD S/1, 112 based on a collation.
Nor has the Hurrian word(!!) in VBoT 4:6', which Puhvel reads as "[.sup.URUDU]la-hi-ni-es." The other forms are fairly consistent.
Then let her wipe off his tongue with honey." A sense 'wipe/smear on' does seem assured for the occurrence in VBoT 120 iii 9-10: nu=kan SA [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] I.
Interestingly enough, the first primary evidence concerning the Hittites to become available to modern scholarship pertains precisely to the latter years of this period: copies of letters (in Hittite!) exchanged by Amenophis III and Tarhuntaradu of Arzawa in southwestern Anatolia, which were discovered among the Amarna correspondence and initially published in 1889-90 (EA 31 = VBoT 1 and EA 32 = VBoT2).