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VBPVisual Basic Project (Microsoft; file extension)
VBPVisual Basic Project
VBPVisual Basic Programming (computer programming)
VBPVette Brakes and Products (St. Petersburg, FL)
VBPValue-Based Pricing
VBPVerified Beef Production (Canada)
VBPVoluntary Buyout Program (Tennessee Technical University; Cookeville, TN; professional contract buyout)
VBPVisionary Bowling Products (Jennings, MO)
VBPVrouw Bijt Poes (Dutch: Female Cat Bite; free online adult entertainment)
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These include annual CMS files for the HRRP and VBP penalty rates, the CMS hospital cost report that includes financial statements to construct financial ratios, and the CMS Impact File.
A Razao de Concentracao [CR(k)] considera a participacao no mercado dos k (sendo k = 1, 2, ..., n) regioes de maiores VBP do pinhao estadual.
Para a transformacao das variaveis VBP da pecuaria de leite, VBP da agropecuaria e a quantidade de leite produzido em variaveis intensivas, estas foram divididas pela area em [km.sup.2] de cada municipio.
Efecto precios reales por animal en el VBP. La evolucion de los precios reales por litro de leche, no fue favorable a la ganaderia lechera regional, pues el precio de la leche bovina cayo 1.9% en el periodo, aunque el precio real del litro de leche de cabra incremento 14.0%, debido al enorme peso relativo del ganado bovino lechero a nivel local, obligadamente provoco que el VBP decreciera; en tanto que el incremento en el precio de la leche caprina, no logro compensar el efecto negativo de la caida de los precios reales del litro de leche bovina.
Para calcular os indices de concentracao do VBP da banana no Parana, foram utilizadas informacoes em nivel mesorregional, microrregional e municipal.
Although "willingness to recommend" will continue to be reported it will not be included in the VBP reimbursement formula.
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PP/ACA) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) now mandate hospitals create VBP programs for Medicare.
We can also use the ANA's Principles of Pay for Quality to guide discussion and planning for VBP. Developed in 2010 by their Congress of Nursing Practice and Economics, this tool outlines 10 principles for VBP that underscore our need for professional accountability, for ongoing development of knowledge related to healthcare quality, for continued data collection and analysis, and perhaps most importantly, for recognition of a nursing workforce that has the sheer numbers and skills to support quality outcomes across all roles in all settings.
Consistent with the recommendations of the HAI Action Plan, Congress designed VBP with the goal of reducing the incidence of these largely preventable infections.
The VBP plan represents a fundamental change in policy and certainly will have important implications for the medical device industry.
The VBP has 70 members, and sales for all its members over the past year are reekoned at approximately 300 million euros.
Combining this model with other models in this series of papers, a "virtual bleach plant" (VBP) can be built in simulation.