VBPJVisual Basic Programmer's Journal
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NOTE: VBITS is a registered trademark, and VBPJ and VCDJ are trademarks of Fawcette Technical Publications Inc.
SQL-Programmer was selected as the preferred SQL database back-end development environment by VBPJ readers.
VBPJ awarded Visio 2000 Professional Edition its Readers' Choice designation in the Graphics, Charting & Multimedia Category, calling it "a tool to visualize and diagram your IT organization needs, from HR, to developers, to IS.
Winning the VBPJ Reader's Choice Award underscores the popularity of Pervasive.
Fawcette and a staff of two as BasicPro, even before Visual Basic's release, VBPJ is the flagship publication of Fawcette Technical Publications, Inc.
Hadfield, Editor in Chief of VBPJ for the past two years, has helped propel VBPJ to the top of the Windows development market by continuously providing real-world help, an independent perspective, and in-depth information for Windows developers.
We're honored that the readers of VBPJ recognized InstallShield 5.
VBPJ is a monthly publication that covers a broad cross section of Visual Basic-related development topics, issues and trends and is targeted toward Microsoft Windows programmers.
Reader's Choice Merit Awards are given to products receiving a high number of votes that also show real value to VBPJ readers.