VBTVermont Bicycle Touring (est. 1971; now VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations; vacation tours company)
VBTValence Bond Theory
VBTVery Bad Thing
VBTVancouver Board of Trade (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
VBTBombing, Torpedo Plane (US Navy)
VBTValve Body Tester (automotive electronics)
VBTVisual Basic for Test (software language)
VBTVärldens Barnsligaste Tjugonioåring
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Where Vbi, base volume added to the system; Vbt, base volume spent on titration; [mu][beta], molar concentration of the base; Va, volume of acid added to the system; [mu][alpha], molar concentration of the acid; mca, CA mass.
From the VBT point of view, the discussion about the dissociation or the intermolecular contact between acid/base point out that the charge densities of the lone electron pairs of F.O.N.
VBT (vertebral body tethering)is the same surgery Britain's Got Talent star Julia Carlile, from dance troupe Mersey-Girls, underwent in 2017 to correct her spinal curve.
Ian said: "It seems cruel when VBT is available in other countries but not in Scotland." Yvonne said: "We knew Iona's only hope was to go abroad and have this surgery, which would leave her spine more flexible and give her a quality of life.
Iona's family set about raising the thousands required for VBT, which is not currently available in the UK, after learning that it could provide her with more flexibility and allow her to resume her hobby of dancing.
Mum-of-two Tanya, 44, said: "VBT has only been available for around eight years, first in the USA then in Europe, but not in Britain.
Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT), also known as fusionless surgery, is offered by Dr Trobisch and his team at the Eifelklinik clinic in Simmerath, and it preserves flexibility and growth by not stiffening the spine.
As am a as in vbt "It's down to everything - dietand family and work balance KEITH EARLS yesterday
"VBT is not available in this country at the moment on the NHS and by the time it gets here, it will be too late for me.
In designing VBT copolymers, one of the desirable features that previous researchers incorporated into the copolymer is the ability to be processed in aqueous systems.
It is therefore of utmost importance that you identify and explain all possible characteristics and aspects of your business, including those shown above in Assumption "A" (Choice of Mortality Table) to each reinsurer quoting, that would tend to justify an assumption of a flatter mortality slope than the 1990-95 (2001 VBT) select/ultimate table.
The Belgian native earned his stripes in the cultivation of fruit, and is known as a board member of BelOrta and VBT, the Association of Belgian Horticulture Cooperatives.