VBUVoodoo Business Unit (Hewlett Packard emerging businesses group)
VBUVertical Burn
VBUVerbund Beratender Unternehmer (German: Composite Advisory Business)
VBUVertical Business Unit (various locations)
VBUVisbreaking Unit (refinery)
VBUVestjysk Billard Union (Denmark)
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6 Open University Vishwa Bharati University VBU 161.
Lamp voltage changes 10 percent from VBU to HOR which reduces energy savings slightly, but is acceptable because the ceramic lamps have lower initial lamp voltages than their quartz counter parts, and furthermore, lamp voltage increase is minimal over lamp life (Gibson 2004).
VBU boasts the electronic delivery of educational information that its Porth counterparts aspire to match in the future.
Our VBU performed well in the rest of the world in the second quarter, with strong year-over-year growth in EMEA, CALA and APAC, and a 35% increase in our core, non-OEM revenues compared with the second quarter last year.
While our revenues in EMEA, APAC and CALA continued to grow year over year, revenues in our VBU in North America did not meet our plan.
The Company noted that its VBU revenues increased more than 55% over the first quarter of 2010 when revenues from Cisco are excluded from both periods.
Tenders are invited for PART-A; Annual Rate Contract (ARC) for Mechanical jobs, and associated Civil job for Process Modification Schemes in Panipat Refinery Units (AVU-I, CCRU, OHCU, DHDS, RFCCU, VBU, MEROX, HGU-06, PX, PTA, TPS & DM Plants) at Panipat Refinery.
Our VBU revenues increased 23% from the 2009 fourth quarter due to the further ramp-up of our video endpoint sales, strong growth in the sales of our SCOPIA network infrastructure, and continued expansion of our reseller channel network.
7 million for the Video Business Unit or VBU (formerly the Networking Business Unit or NBU) and $3.
Tenders are invited for Construction of Multi Purpose Building at VBU, Hazaribag, Jharkhand
VBU - Association of German Biotechnology Enterprises