VBUVoodoo Business Unit (Hewlett Packard emerging businesses group)
VBUVertical Burn
VBUVerbund Beratender Unternehmer (German: Composite Advisory Business)
VBUVertical Business Unit (various locations)
VBUVisbreaking Unit (refinery)
VBUVestjysk Billard Union (Denmark)
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The committee in its report had stated, " The committee, considering the complaint as a whole, and not separately in parts, is convinced that the complaint is a case of sexual harassment." However, in 2011, it was the then Minister for Human Resource and Development Sibal who elevated Duttagupta to the post of VBU vice- chancellor.
But, at least by the early 1950s, the ASE was one of the three largest unions in South Australia, the two largest being the Australian Workers Union (AWU) and the Vehicle Builders Union (VBU).
Numbers of Databases in Different University Libraries Name of the UGC--Infonet Self Subscribe Public Domain Universities databases Databases Databases AU 16 0 0 BHU 23 24 -- DU 23 25 41 IGNOU -- 17 52 JMI 21 15 -- JNU 21 15 -- PU 22 -- -- VBU 18 -- -- There are 77 databases in all in these eight universities.
For most quartz metal halide lamps, by contrast, the color properties are substantially different when changing the lamp orientation from vertical base-up (VBU) to horizontal (Lister and others 2004).
Following last year's visit to Rhondda by a party from VBU, 20 Porth pupils aged 17-18 made the return trip, accompanied by head teacher Steve Bowden and deputy head Alwyn Thomas.
Despite its revised forecast, the company's core VBU revenues are expected to increase by over 30% from the second quarter of 2010, after excluding revenues from Cisco from both periods.
VBU PbS treating: A further potential source of lead in the effluent came from the PbS Visbroken Naphtha treatment unit.
Tenders are invited for miscellaneous mechanical job for attending the tagged jobs during shutdown in avu and vbu units at mathura refinery.
Limited tenders are invited for carrying out miscellaneous hot works in cdu ii, merox ii & vbu ii units during shutdown
vbu needs washing of personnel clothing for the diet and other laundry goods.
On the one hand, These are the component production of the department vbu - f5 and, On the other hand, Training areas for the specialist area of track construction (pre-ba 2) of the az.
Tenders are invited for Cleaning of various equipments in avu, vbu, fcc, nht hgu-1 and hgu-2 by dry ice blasting technology at mathura refinery.