VBWVideo Band Width
VBWVery Big Word
VBWVisual Basic Workspace
VBWVereinigte Bühnen Wien (German: United Stages Vienna; Austria)
VBWVertical Beam Width
VBWVery Beautiful Woman
VBWVereniging Bloemist Winkeliers (Dutch: Florist-Merchants Association; Netherlands)
VBWVisual Basic Workspace (software; Microsoft, Inc.)
VBWVideo Band-Width
VBWVery Best Wishes
VBWVolterra Model for Wideband Amplifiers
VBWVereinigte Beckersche Werkzeugfabriken GmbH & Co. KG (German: Becker's United Tool Factory; Vieringhausen, Germany)
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L: total body length; MBW: maximum body width; ABW: anal-body width; VBW: vulval-body width; EP: distance from anterior end to excretory pore; ES: distance from anterior end to base of esophagus; GuL: gubernaculum length; GuW: gubernaculum width; NR: nerve-ring position; STL: stoma length; STW: stoma width; SpL: spicule length; SpW: spicule width; TL: tail length; TRL: testis-reflection length; D: EP-ES; E: EP-TL; GS: GuL-SpL; V%: (L-length to vagina) x 100; a: L-MBW; b: L-ES; c: L-TL; d: EP-ES; e: EP-TL.
Abbreviation Dimension Vertebral VBD Vertebral body depth body VBW Vertebral body width VBH Vertebral body height VBCR Vertebral body curvature radius VBVI Vertebral body vertical index (a) = (VBHp/VBHa) x 100 VBHI Vertebral body horizontal index (b) = (VBD/VBW) x 100 ESA Endplate surface area Suffices U Upper M Middle L Lower A Anterior P Posterior F Flank (a) When the value is less than 97.9, the vertebral body is considered to be of the dorsosphenocentric type (DT).
As the computing time for the FFTs was small compared to the settling time for narrow RBW filters, the FFT method provided a great speed advantage over the traditional sweep method." Further digital processing implements the equivalent of the VBW function and scaling before display.
Instead of 9 kHz, as advised in [4] 10 kHz RBW was used with VBW the same.
It also partnered with VBW on hit "Dance of the Vampires."
VBW Publishing PO Box 9949, College Station, TX 77842
The Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts Union (UTICA) and the Bavarian Industry Association (VBW), Friday, signed a co-operation agreement to boost partnership relations between private sector's firms in the two countries.
The test receiver outside the chamber was set to MODE of zero span, resolution and video bandwidth (RBW and VBW) of 50 MHz, and reference level of -83dBm.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and TKS finalized their contract for six Color Top 7000CDH four-over-four towers and three reelstands to be added to the Norcross plant's TKS VBW presses (E&P Online, Feb.
Attention has been paid to the video bandwidth (VBW) to reach 30 MHz.