VBZVerkehrsbetriebe Zürich (Public Transport of Zurich, Switzerland)
VBZVector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases (medical journal)
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VBs (verbs, base form), VBDs (verbs, past tense), VBZs (verbs, 3rd person singular present), RBs (adverbs)), and entities (e.g., NNS (nouns, plural), NNPs (proper nouns, plural), JJRs (adjectives, comparative), JJSs (adjectives, superlative)).
VBZ performs wheel re-profiling operations using a machine that was originally supplied by Kellenberger in 1991.
vbz tram depot oerlikon bav 71070 rehabilitation and repair of the historic depot section bav 71079 renewal and enclosure tram outdoor washing plant these are 2 construction projects, Which are tendered and awarded together.
Vbz tramdepot oerlikonbav 71070 refurbishment and refurbishment of the historic depot part 71079 renewal and housing of the tramway washing facility are two construction projects which are jointly tendered and awarded.bkp 230 electrical system extractions scope of services: - an emergency lighting system and a main distribution system - 11 subdistributions as well as a distribution of control lighting and fire alarm system - cabling systems - electrical installations strong and low-current pipes approx.
Vbz tram depot oerlikon: - bav 71070 rehabilitation and repair of the historical depot part, - bav 71079 renovation and housing tram outdoor washing facility.
Invitation to tender: Security services in the accompaniment nighttime network VBZ and Events
Contract notice: procurement of 2 storage systems for the vbz nordbayern
The vbz will set up a six-unit tram lifting system in the tram depot irchel.
Invitation to tender: management and marketing of five digital advertising spaces on the vbz fiscal basis
Invitation to tender: repair of walk-in vbz cable duct, construction services
Invitation to tender: builders support real estate projects vbz