VC2Viewer Created Content
VC2Virtual Cop 2 (arcade game)
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where VC1 and VC2 are the variability costs of the distillate and isobutene, respectively.
VC2, which is mapped to TC6 for error signaling, has two of the seven time slots.
As communication technologies evolve, we see our VC2 virtual environment appliance at the forefront of collaboration evolution.
From persistent web environments to virtual conferences, the VC2 server appliance enables enterprises to seamlessly connect relevant internal assets, including e-commerce, CRM, customer records, social media, learning management systems and contact centers, all the while collecting every user activity within the platform.
In addition to VC2, viewers of the network will see short form Vanguard Journalism pods that are reinventing TV journalism for a new generation of viewers.
Called VC2 (Viewer Created Content), these videos are submitted to the Current website where registered users vote for what will air on television.
VC2 is the latest freely-available, community-supported release of Vyatta's open-source router/firewall product.
Since its launch in August 2005, Current TV has been a pioneer in the world of user-generated content, with its "viewer created content," or VC2, programming model.
The formula behind VC2 helps protect venture capitalists, angel investors and private equity firms in the event of death, disability or severance of key players.
Roughly one-third on the on-air content comes from VC2, and the public can even vote for its favorite videos, the best of which are broadcast on the network -- a first in online and television broadcasting.
The amount of VC2 submissions comprises roughly one-third of the network's on-air broadcast, featuring stories ranging from citizen rescues in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, to the bike scene in Philadelphia, to hip-hop artists serving as soldiers in Iraq.
Another piece of VC2 premiering on the television network today is Current Video: Jumper, which takes viewers on a literal ride with base jumpers; people who parachute off cliffs and bridges for fun.