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VC2Virtual Cop 2 (arcade game)
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Porcentaje de apertura de la valvula de control VC2 MP: esta variable representa la posicion del vastago de la valvula VC2 HP que regula el flujo de etileno de mediana presion que actua como refrigerante para el intercambiador E3.
VC2 coordinate information about our value chain activities across all units.
Carlo's firm VC2 has now branched out into other drinks.
Saskia Wilson-Brown, manager of VC2 outreach said with a laugh, "It's YouTube with a brain.
2] CA2 0,833 9,600 (51)=99,453 CA3 0,871 11,229 p=0,000 CA4 0,782 9,183 BBNNFI=0,920 CFI=0,938 IFI=0,940 Mentalidad aperturista GFI=0,879 SRMR=0,042 MA2 0,796 8,405 0,883 0,655 0,883 MA3 0,853 11,641 MA4 0,831 14,083 MA5 0,753 12,208 Vision compartida VC2 0,875 13,034 0,934 0,781 0,933 VC3 0,879 13,743 VC4 0,858 12,437 VC5 0,921 15,932 Fuente: elaboracion propia.
VC1 and VC2 were added into the general cost function together with the capital and operating costs of the distillation column under study.
In Figure 2, the root has three VCs and assigns timeslots as follows: one time slot for VC2, followed by two time slots for VC1, then another time slot for VC2 and finally two time slots for VC0.
VC2 -- Virtual Contact Center, a 2002 Product of the Year award winner from both Customer Inter@ction Solutions and Communications Solutions magazines, and StrataVoice, an Unattended Message Notification System.
This recording was originally available in two versions, but the shorter single-CD American release is now out of print (Victory VC2 0013).