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The FGD were administered with a group of 10 peoples (5 males and 5 females) drawn from VC1, VC2, VC3 and government extension workers from each of the two study strata (Table 1).
VC2 Brands employs six people on beer production at Bandeath Industrial Estate.
The low slope of the efficiency curve of the VC2 is due to the collector VC2 having two low-e coatings--the first inside the vacuum glazing and the second on the absorber surface.
Canonical Accumulated Variable (VCi) Eigenvalue Variance (%) Variance (%) VC1 44.17 73.83 73.83 VC2 8.53 14.27 88.10 VC3 6.12 10.24 98.34 VC4 0.57 0.96 99.30 VC5 0.41 0.70 100.00
(45) No allomorphy: /p'api/ 'to gather' VC1 haga p'abibo VC2 haga p'abijia Negative p' ab fanna Nominalized p'abitka a[k.sup.hh]umbo Imperative p'abif" Neg-Imperative p'abia[??]nef" Conditional hana p'abinga a[k.sup.hh]umbo Non-Final hagti p'abip[??]ti wa[??]abo Serial verb hadi p'abi fi[??]nibo Perfect hadi p'abi[??]wabo Future p'abismubo Purpose p'abi,ssi [k.sup.hh]wa[??]abo Polar Question hama p'abi,?
Going back to the importance of setting standards, Felstead opened the post-coffee session with the question: "What do the manufacturers need to do with standards such as TICO, Network Media Interface, ASPEN, VC2, SMPTE 2022-6, which were discussed extensively at IBC?"
Due to the different compression schemes available (TICO Alliance, JPEG2000, open source VC2, Sony's LLVC and, possibly, V-Nova's Perseus), this too will require a very open approach between vendors.
Figures 5 and 6 illustrate the inductance current waveforms (iL) and the conductance voltage waveforms (vC1 and vC2), besides comparing the simulation waveforms to the experimental waveforms, noting that they are quite similar.
10B), ventral displacement of the melanophores of the humeral spot (landmarks 21-22) and prolongation of the caudal peduncle (landmarks 10-11, 15-16) VC2 (Fig.
Na analise baseada nas variaveis canonicas (VC), foi verificado que as duas primeiras variaveis foram responsaveis por apenas 61,79%, sendo VC1 responsavel por 39,12% e VC2 por 22,68%.