VC20Commodore VC20 (home computer)
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Response rates were reduced for most participants in all groups after the introduction of the FI schedule, except for participants VC18 and VC20. However, this reduction was not as great as that observed for the participants of the varied groups in Experiments 1 and 2.
Two different types of polypropylene (PP), i.e., homopolypropylene (PP VC20 82C, abbreviated as PPVC, [M.sub.w]/[M.sub.n]: 225,000/52,000) and ethylene-propylene copolymer [PP SC 13 11 M, abbreviated as PPSC, ethylene content in the copolymer ranging from 5 to 13 wt% (7), [M.sub.w]/[M.sub.n]: 265,000/58,000], were melt-blended in a twin-screw extruder with maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene (PP-g-MA, MA content in PP-g-MA ranging from 8 to 10 wt%, [M.sub.w]/[M.sub.n]: 9100/3900, viscosity at 190 [degrees] C: 0.4 Pa [center dot] s).
cholerae strain VC20 (El Tor, Ogawa), 569B (classical, Inaba) and Escherichia coli DH5-[Alpha] strains were used as positive and negative controls.