VCAIVeterinary Centers of America Inc.
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The VCAI Creativity Assessment is built upon the works of Dr.
For example, length of an ICU stay is possibly the strongest predictor of acquiring VCAI, but while number of days prior to infection is a predictor, number of days post infection is an outcome.
For pressure ulcers, VCAI, SSI/ortho, and DVT/ PE, the matched sample differences overstate the incremental effect of the HAC, while for fractures and CAUTI, the matched sample differences significantly understate the effect.
In FY 2010, however, only 19 percent of claims identified with a HAC were actually re-assigned to a lower-paid MS-DRG; among our 6 study HACs, the reassigned share was as high as 42 percent for DVT/PE, but less than one percent for SSI/ortho and VCAI (77 FR 53296).