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VCALVirginia Center for Assisted Living
VCALVictorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Australian secondary college qualification)
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However, it is found by more comprehensive tests that the existing VCal technology has several deficiencies when it is applied in the following aspects:
The VCAL is fulfilling an important role in the provision of education in Victoria.
For some students mainstream schooling just doesn t fit their needs and community VCAL programs, such as Print Side Up, are excellent alternatives that can keep students engaged in their education.
Our education approach is in stark contrast to the Baillieu Government, which has slashed $550 million from schools in two years, including the School Start Bonus and the VCAL program.
They ve shown that in their cuts to the VCAL program and to TAFE.
These cuts have directly affected schools delivering VCAL such as Heathmont College and caused the pending closure of Swinburne's Lilydale Campus.
vCal support for Mediasite presentation invitations, allowing recipients to add the event to their Outlook calendar with a single click
Similarly, vCal support allows you to save a calendar appointment from a WAP site to the phone's calendar.
0's enhancements are revamped Mediasite Players, an updated Mediasite Presentation Catalog with flexible content organization hierarchies and RSS feeds, access to more viewing statistics and reports including graphics of key viewing trends, vCal support to add Mediasite events to Outlook calendars and the ability to forward content clips to authorized users while watching a presentation.
For example, employees can receive vCal or SMS calendar notifications from the Nokia Activ Office to their Nokia phone, which enables them to keep their phone calendar up-to-date, while on the move.
In addition, also provided is a full service calendar with features such as a conflicting events section and ability to import and export to various calendar formats such as Palm, iCal and vCal.