VCAMVascular Cell Adhesion Molecule
VCAMVME (Versa Modular European) Channel Adapter Module
VCAMVermont Community Access Media (Burlington, VT)
VCAMVehicle Cabin Atmosphere Monitor (US NASA)
VCAMVirtual Command and Memory Management
VCAMValue Creation Analysis Model (finance)
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The StarFighter VCAM is ideal for a variety of desktop PC video applications, including video conferencing, video chat, video e-mail, and video capture/edit.
A cross sectional study conducted by Idrus in 146 patients found that both serum ICAM and serum VCAM levels were significantly raised in patients of coronary heart disease.
Stent implantasyonundan once ve sonra olculen VCAM degerleri restenoz olmayan grupta anlamli degisiklik gostermemis, bununla birlikte restenoz grubunda anlamli artis gostermistir (45.
AP-1 puede regular la expresion de citoquinas y proteinas tales como IL-6, IL-1B, IL-12, IL-8, el factor de crecimiento transformante [beta] (TGF- [beta], transforming growth factor- [beta]), ICAM-1 y VCAM, todas estrechamente relacionadas con el proceso ateroesclerotico (34).
We found only one paper in the available literature concerning conversion from short half-life ESAs to MPG-EPO, where the authors noted a significantly increased plasma VCAM concentration after conversion to MPG-EPO (Mircera) [36].
Sequences for the specific primers used in the PCR are VCAM forward primer (5'-CATGACCTGTTCCAGCGAGG3') and reverse primer (5'-CA1TCACGAGGCCACCACTC-3'); ICAM forward primer (5'-GCAAGAAGATAGCCAACCA-3') and reverse primer (5'-TGCCAGTTCCACCCGTTC-3'); E-selectin forward primer (5'-GGTTGAGTGTGATGCTGTGA-3') and reverse primer (5'-GAAGGTGAACTCTCCAGCAG-3'); Fractalkine forward primer (5'-ATCAACAGAACCAGGCATCA-3') and reverse primer (5'-GCCGCCATTTCGAGTTAG-3'); GAPDH forward primer (5'-GACCTGACCTGCCGTCTA-3') and reverse primer (5'-AGGAGTGGGTGTCGCTGT-3').
Adhesion molecules like ICAM-1, VCAM and the selectins are known to be involved in inflammatory processes at endothelial cells (Gearing and Newman 1993).
1] Nonstandard abbreviations: NO, nitric oxide; VCAM, vascular cell adhesion molecule; ET, endothelin; EDRF, endothelium-derived relaxing factor; NOS, nitric oxide synthase; M-CSF, macrophage-colony stimulating factor; NF-KB, nuclear factor-kappa B; AP, activator protein; egr, early growth response factor; and MMP, matrix metalloproteinase.
Top-selling Tiger Electronics products to date include VUGO, VCAM NOW, ZOOMBOX, I-DOG, VIDEONOW XP, and CHATNOW.
VCAM clients benefit from "institutional-style" portfolio management strategies joining in-house management with top performing external money managers delivering an unparalleled, performance-driven blend.
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