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VCAPVehicle Charging and Potential
VCAPVentura County AIDS Partnership (Camarillo, CA)
VCAPVocal Cord Abductor Paralysis
VCAPVolunteers Caring and Patrolling (El Monte, CA)
VCAPVoluntary Corrective Action Plan
VCAPVariable Contrast Acuity Profile (visual performance)
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Generally, the VCAP is an appropriate way to resolve income or excise tax issues related to qualified plans under Sees.
To date, a total of 20 venture capital funds have benefited from the money raised through VCAP, translating into $453 million invested in 126 Canadian companies.
304 states that VCAP for tax-exempt bonds is voluntary where violations may be resolved by entering into formal closing agreements.
old, 1988 BDSTAFF Number of business develop- + ment staff specialists, 1989 VCAP Number of state venture capital + offices, 1988 AGE Median age of firms by state, + 1988 INCORPS Change in new business + incorporations, 1984-1988 GROWSF Percentage of small firms in + growing industries, 1984 SFMFG Growth of small firms in + manufacturing, 1982-1987 GOVMIL Percentage of state employment - in government and military, 1988
The Tax Exempt Bond Division also released Publication 5091 on VCAP in June 2013.
Vitesse is a registered trademark and E-StaX, PerfectReach, ActiPHY, EcoEthernet and VCAP are trademarks in the United States and/or other jurisdictions of Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation.
To protect against unpleasant odors in the bottle, Capsugel offers: Licaps hard capsules, which are filled with nitrogen during manufacturing and the encapsulation process to keep oxygen out; Licaps OceanCaps fish gelatin capsule, which provides manufacturers with the ability to offer an all-marine product when used for marine and krill oils; the vegetarian Licaps Vcaps Plus; and Plantcaps for Liquids, a vegetarian pullulan capsule, naturally fermented from tapioca, which the company claims has the highest odor barrier properties of all polymers--better than gelatin or HPMC capsules.
In a number of studies, Vcaps Plus capsules have been shown to deliver optimized compound stability and predictable in vitro dissolution while also helping to eliminate the complexity in formulation development.
Beauty Ingredients: Vcaps vegetarian capsules for ingestible supplements; Licaps liquid delivery system; formulation services; natural colors for capsules
Bruise Free Vcaps supply the naturally occurring compounds that support the body's ability to mend bruises deep within the skin, repairing capillaries and other injured blood vessels.
In classical iterative repair (Minton et al 1992), the goal of each "repair" is to resolve a constraint violation, but the DIRECTOR algorithm is similar in spirit to recent repair-based optimization scheduling systems such as OPIS (Smith 1994), VCAPS (Chien et al.