VCARViolent Crime in Aid of Racketeering
VCARVlaams Centrum Voor Ambacht En Restauratie (Dutch: Flemish Center for Food and Crafts; Belgium)
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"The biggest criticism of RC vCar was that it wasn't a 'game'," said John Barnhart, software developer at PCS.
Recognizing that the federal government is in the best position to enforce laws against violent members of organized crime the Senate Judiciary Committee, prior to the enactment of VCAR, noted that:
While these five novels (5) purport to represent the vcar, arguably in all four the principal preoccupation is not the war per se but rather how to read German fascism and the Soviet role in a Europe that had been so radically altered when the Nazis came to power.
Which is why these cars must be put on the VCAR register like every other write-off in the UK.
The PET VCAR (Volume Computer-Assisted Reading) software works on the GE Advantage Windows (AW) Workstation.
Consumers should look out for phrases such as "Cat C" or "on Vcar" in car advertisements and on invoices as this means the car has been an insurance write off.
It covers broad themes, taking in military affairs, economics, the activities of educated society, Russia's lower orders, the feeding of Russia, ethnicity, and Russia's experience of the vcar in comparative perspective.
He and his business were found guilty of five charges of misleading customers by omitting from adverts an explanation of the trade term, VCAR, following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court.
So the Voyager's clearly had a good old thump and will appear on HPI's VCAR (Vehicle Condition Alert Register).
In one case a car trader, who used the insurance industry phrase 'vcar' to describe a car which had been written off, was prosecuted under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 at Birmingham Magistrates Court.