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VCARDVirtual Card
VCARDVolusia County Association for Responsible Development (Florida)
VCARDVirtual-Information Card (electronic business card standard)
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M], Amount} via the merchant, the card issuer compares the received Vcard with the one computed using the Rcard and Password which have been retrieved from its database based on [ID.
Eyejot's vCard SXSW Edition for iPhone allows users to create and send unique digital business cards, with contact and company information as well as links to social networks included.
For example, it is possible to say that tel defined in the vcard ontology is an owl:equivalentProperty to phone defined in the foaf ontology.
Personal information about authors, editors, content providers, and other actors who contribute to the LO lifecycle, is represented in LOM as vCard 3.
You can export the data to Excel, Outlook, Quicken, QuickBooks, Money, Word, PDF, HTML, and vCard formats.
A range of advanced data services based on Nokia's EGPRS solution, including Near Field Communication (NFC), push e-mail, vCard, and WAP browsing, were demonstrated at the event, which marks China Unicom's first public EGPRS service demonstration.
Clicking on a person's name also connects to a photograph, a brief biography, a downloadable vCard, and links to main pages for that individual's specific practice areas.
Funcionalidad pyMSN pyICQ pyAIM Mensajeria [check] [check] [check] Presencia [check] [check] [check] Grupos de chat X X [check] Soporte para Vcard [check] [check] [check] Presencia invisible [check] X [check] Notificaciones de escritura [check] [check] [check] Mensajes HTML X X [check]
In practice, you place a link on your Web site or online ad that includes the vCard coding.
Additional XML-based APIs, and support for common open standards such as ICAL, VCARD and VTODO will help developers access the core modules.
The new edition features native Mac OS X support, improved handheld-to-desktop synchronisation, vCard and vCal support and is available in multiple languages.
VCARD is a tool for Internet webmasters to develop and manage a site.