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VCATVictorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Australia)
VCATVirtual Concatenation
VCATVeterinary College Admission Test
VCATVenture Capital Aptitude Test (satire)
VCATViolent Criminal Apprehension Team (Charlotte, NC police)
VCATVoluntary Community Action Trafford (UK)
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The business where the alleged slavery took place was not revealed in the VCAT decision.
VCAT Virtual Coach (left) and Virtual Role-Play (right).
"Council can't change its mind on the mosque at this point in time, we made our decision 15 months ago, the decision's been upheld by VCAT, the permit's been issued," he said.
(92.) See, e.g., Re Austl Conservation Found [2004] VCAT 2029
Resultado Seguimiento (meses) Media: 40.0 meses DE: 34.2 Recaida Si 118 29.2 No 252 62.4 Persistencia 34 8.4 Tiempo de recaida (Meses) Media: 35.8 meses DE: 29.4 Recaida Si 118 29.2 No 286 70.8 Recaida bioquimica Si 86 72.8 No 32 27.2 Estado ultimo control Muerto con actividad tumoral (MCAT) 40 9.9 Muerto sin actividad tumoral (MSAT) 6 1.5 Perdido con actividad tumoral (PCAT) 21 5.2 Perdido sin actividad tumoral (PSAT) 16 4.0 Vivo con actividad tumoral (VCAT) 42 10.4 Vivo sin actividad tumoral (VSAT) 279 69.1 Resultado Vivo 364 90.1 Muerto en relacion con el tumor 40 9.9 Tabla 4.
The Joint Knowledge Development and Delivery Capability (JKDDC), an Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)-sponsored training transformation initiative, introduced the first VCAT in 2009, hosting it on the JKO distributed learning system.
This case has been referred to you by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for compulsory mediation.
That can be illustrated by the model adopted in Victoria (VCAT) Queensland (QCAT) Western Australia (SAT) and the recently announced New South Wales decision to meld their existing tribunals together under the leadership of a Supreme Court judge as NCAT.
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The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) on Wednesday cancelled the liquor licence of notorious Showgirls Bar 20 found in the central business district in Melbourne, ending a long legal battle by the Victoria Police against the strip joint.