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VCATVictorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Australia)
VCatVirtual Concatenation
VCATVeterinary College Admission Test
VCATVenture Capital Aptitude Test (satire)
VCATViolent Criminal Apprehension Team (Charlotte, NC police)
VCATVoluntary Community Action Trafford (UK)
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The Bill will also create a process for judicial officers or VCAT members facing serious allegations to be stood down from some or all of their duties while an investigation is underway.
Out of this combined interest in leveraging technology to enhance training and readiness, and high interest in advancing language and cultural awareness training, VCAT evolved as an immersive, interactive game-based training tool on JKO-persistently available to a global training audience.
VCAT found no evidence that she was fired based on racial discrimination or that Jarnet had a role in her sacking.
Insp Paul Ross said police welcomed the VCAT decision.
AT&T is one of the first to announce a wide deployment of VCAT technology to support Ethernet services across metropolitan areas.
Fibre Channel, fiber connectivity or Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)traffic is efficiently mapped using GFP and transported in a VCAT payload for transport over SONET.
VCAT rejected the appeal on the grounds that restrictive covenants applying to parts of the land prevented the expansion.
The new laws allow the courts and VCAT to make a range of orders, from prohibiting someone from bringing further applications or appeals in a particular case, to prohibiting them bringing any further proceedings against a particular party or about a particular issue, through to a complete ban on any further legal proceedings without permission from the court.
The transaction, which has been approved by the boards of directors of each company, is subject to approval by VCAT shareholders, applicable regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the fourth calendar quarter of 2006.
For example, the Bill allows VCAT to appoint a single guardian in relation to personal and financial matters, rather than a guardian for personal matters and an administrator for financial matters.
Barona's gaming consultant for the past 11 years, VCAT served as the lead financing advisor in the placement of the $200 million financing.
Andre Valente, Alelo's CEO and CTO, said "Alelo will build on and extend the technology and methodology used to create VCAT Horn of Africa and VCAT Northern Africa to deliver a robust and engaging training experience for warfighters deploying to Afghanistan.