VCCAMMVictorian Consultative Council on Anaesthetic Mortality and Morbidity (Australia)
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This was not used as consensus opinion provides a simpler model and the VCCAMM model also allows for situations in which consensus cannot be reached.
3% of unplanned admission contained an anaesthetic contribution to the admission (when classified according to the VCCAMM system).
TABLE 2 VCCAMM classification system Category 1--Death or morbidity caused by anaesthesia or factors under the control of the anaesthetist Category 2--Where there is some doubt whether death or morbidity was entirely due anaesthesia factors Category 3--Both medical/surgical and anaesthetic factors Category 4--Surgical death or morbidity Category 5--Inevitable death or morbidity, which would have occurred regardless of the anaesthesia/surgery TABLE 3 Patient comorbidities Unplanned admissions Number 165 Age 63.