VCCSVirginia Community College System
VCCSValley Crossing Community School (Minnesota)
VCCSVoice Coil Cooling System (Pioneer/Premier technology)
VCCSVoltage Controlled Current Source
VCCSVoice Communication Control Systems (air traffic management)
VCCSVoice Communication and Control System
VCCSVapor Cycle Cooling System (military aviation)
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VCCs also challenge curbs on share in hunting permit revenue
The VCCS then becomes the tunable element of interest, but is only tunable if the gate-to-source voltage is a small signal RF voltage and not only a DC voltage.
Food and Drug Administration, FES = functional electrical stimulation, FMA = Fugl-Meyer Assessment, GUI = graphical user interface, MCU = microcontroller unit, MU = master unit, NMES = neuromuscular electrical stimulation, PD = posterior deltoid, SCI = spinal cord injury, TRI = triceps, VCCS = voltage-controlled current source.
Dogs have already successfully identified lung, breast, ovarian, prostate and colon cancers at Pine Street, Beagles are famous for their sense of smell, and Junqueira's puppies are being trained to give a cue--raising a paw or barking--if they detect VCCs, By the end of the year, the dogs will be ready to test samples provided by local doctors collected during annual physicals, A report based on the dogs' reactions will be sent to the doctor to advise the patient whether to follow up with an oncologist.
In this paper, we proposed a novel eliminating method NPLA for unknown nodes, which narrows the possible location area (PLA) of unknown node by utilizing the VCCs and ICCs of its anchor neighbors and unknown neighbors.
The annual award recognizes one teaching faculty member in the Virginia Community College System who distinctly represents the teaching excellence found at VCCS colleges.
However, many rural hospitals host regular visiting consultant clinics (hereafter VCCs) conducted by oncologists from nearby urban areas (Tracy, Saltzman, and Wakefield 1996; Hicks, Hassinger, and Taparanskas 1997; Wakefield, Tracy, and Einhellig 1997; Kellerman et al.
The nationwide Garex VCCS will be installed at the Area Control Center at Schiphol East and at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Groningen Airport Eelde, and Maastricht/Aachen Airport Beek, the firm said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 16, 2013-Indra Navia completes Garex VCCS test(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Seventeen of the ECFs (13 LDCs, two PSs and two VCCs) provided food for the children in their care, while seven of the ECFs (two LCCs and five PSs) did not.
The excitation coil is driven by a voltage-controlled current source (VCCS) combined with a signal generator.