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VCCTVirtual Crack Closure Technique
VCCTVirtual Combat Convoy Trainer (US Army)
VCCTVoluntary and Confidential Counseling and Testing
VCCTVirtual Credit Card Terminal (North Carolina Office of the State Controller)
VCCTVancouver College of Counsellor Training
VCCTVirtual Component Cluster Test
VCCTVictoria Climbié Charitable Trust
VCCTVuelo Controlado Contra el Terreno
VCCTVantol College of Crystal Therapy
VCCTVirginians for Competitive Coal Transportation
VCCTVocational College for Catering and Tourism
VCCTValue Chain Confidence Testing and Training
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Haghpanahi, "Simulation of mode I delamination propagation in multidirectional composites with R-curve effects using VCCT method," Computational Materials Science, vol.
Vcct = Volumetric consumption corrected temp of fuel (kg [hour.sup.-1]);
The energy release rate [G.sub.II] of the adhesive joint crack front can be calculated using the VCCT [23] in FEA.
In the finite element analysis virtual crack closure technique (VCCT) was used.
When asked on knowledge on control measures, 57.9% were aware of VCCT while 42.1% were not aware.
Legend AAR = After-action review CET = Combat escort team CLP = Combat logistics patrol FRAGO = Fragmentary order PCC = Precombat check PCI = Precombat inspection TLP = Troop-leading procedures VCCT = Virtual Convoy Combat Trainer WST = Warrior Skills Trainer
In February 2004 the Product Manager for Ground Combat Tactical Trainers within the US Army's Program Executive Office for Simulations, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) launched an 'Unusual and Compelling Urgency Procurement' for a Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer (VCCT) that would provide cost effective, realistic training that could be configured to simulate the contemporary operational environment.
Lockheed partners with Firearms Training Systems Inc., of Suwannee, Ga., to provide the firearms included in the VCCT system.
This report summarizes the results of that analysis, which determined that, during January 2004-February 2005, among persons with HIV infection at voluntary counseling and confidential testing (VCCT) clinics, 37% were screened for TB disease, and 24% of those screened had TB disease diagnosed.
For dozens of years, engineers in the aerospace industry have used the virtual crack closure technique (VCCT) as an analytic and predictive technology in the design of composite structures.
Virtual Crack Closure Technique (VCCT) simulation technology developed by Boeing is available as an integrated part of Abaqus Version 6.5 FEA software fro Abaqus, Inc., Providence, R.I.