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VCCTVirtual Crack Closure Technique
VCCTVirtual Combat Convoy Trainer (US Army)
VCCTVancouver College of Counsellor Training
VCCTVirtual Component Cluster Test
VCCTVictoria Climbié Charitable Trust
VCCTVuelo Controlado Contra el Terreno
VCCTVantol College of Crystal Therapy
VCCTVirginians for Competitive Coal Transportation
VCCTVocational College for Catering and Tourism
VCCTVoluntary and Confidential Counseling and Testing
VCCTVirtual Credit Card Terminal (North Carolina Office of the State Controller)
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PEO STRI awarded contracts to Raydon and Lockheed Martin Simulation and Training Systems to each provide training services based on two VCCT suites with an option to buy the systems at the end of the service contract.
1 million contract to deliver four Virtual Combat Convoy Trainers, or VCCTs, to Twentynine Palms.
In 2004, Lockheed Martin and FATS combined their expertise to develop the VCCT for the U.
Since the initial deployment of the VCCT in 2004, more than 85,000 Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen have been trained in Army, Marine Corps and Air Force convoy trailers, making Lockheed Martin the premier provider of virtual convoy training.
FATS and Lockheed Martin joined forces in 2004 to create one of the first suites of VCCT for the U.
The new VCCT system upgrades will provide greater realism through an immersive, 360-degree synthetic environment, which will better prepare our troops for real-world combat situations.
VCCT for ABAQUS refines the Boeing technology and delivers it to customers conveniently as an integrated part of the familiar ABAQUS analysis environment.
Air Force recently awarded a contract for a VCCT system so that Airmen can experience the same critical training as their Soldier and Marine counterparts.
FATS developed small arms trainers, indirect fire trainers and close air support simulation for the VCCT.
Like the VCCTs, the VDGTs are designed for easier deployment, maintenance and operation than previous virtual trainers.
We're giving troops exposure to life-or-death decisions in a simulation environment," said Chuck Woodman, VCCT program manager.
Additionally, Boeing has developed, refined and proven the VCCT (Virtual Crack Closure Technique) approach for predicting the reliability of major composite structural components over the past several years.