VCCVVirtual Circuit Connectivity Verification
VCCVVolunteer Center of Cedar Valley (Waterloo, IA)
VCCVVowel-Consonant-Consonant-Vowel (English grammar)
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(13) Azmu (Pegasus: Arabic [al-faras al-] 'a'zam) follows the same word pattern in Indonesian (vCCv), but has a different pattern in Arabic (CvCCvC).
New video value added services will include Video Surveillance and VCCV (Video Call Completion to Voice).
Types of word structure used for comparing vowel durations in open/open and open/closed syllables were: (C)VCV (vel'e/val'a 'a village', kudo/-a 'a house', ul'i/-a 'is, there is'), VCVC (aras, apak 'no, not', osos 'the city', ul'it' 'are, there are') and VCCV (osso/-a 'in a city').
6 letters CvC.CvC RAP.TOR (35.53) HELPED (25.25) vCv.vCv EQU.ITE (43.34) AQU.OSE (39.39) 8 letters CvvC.CvvC BOUS.TOUS (57.75) COUN.TIES (53.53) vCCv.vCCv ANGU.ILLA (43.34) ANCI.ENCE(27.27)w2 10 letters CCvCC.CCvCC DRIGH.TFOLK(46.64) THUMB.STALL (64.64) CvCvC.CvCvC COPEN.HAGEN(53.35) REHAM.MERED (45.45) vCvCv.vCvCv ATOME-AHEVI(S4.45)Ben EXARE.OLATE (53.53) None CvvvC.CvvvC vCCCv.vCCCv vvCvv.vvCvv 12 letters CCvvCC.CCvvCC BLOODS.TREAMS(67.76) SPEECH-BREAKS(56.56) CvCCvC.CvCCvC LITHOT.HAMNIC (84.48) CONDIS.CIPLES (64.64) None CvvvvC.CvvvvC vvCCvv.vvCCvv vCvvCv.vCvvCv vCCCCv.vCCCCv num.