VCDSVice Chief of the Defence Staff (Canada)
VCDSVietnam Culture Development Society
VCDSVillage Community Development Society (India)
VCDSVapor Compression Distillation Subsystem (aeronautics)
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Sugihara and Manlapig discussed earthquake preparedness and structural design for high rise buildings, as well as the Japanese technology called Viscoelastic Coupling Damper (VCD), developed by Nippon Steel Engineering.
Under typhoons and earthquakes, buildings vibrate back and forth, deforming VCDs in an outrigger configuration.
The confiscated boxes of DVDs and VCDs from Sky High Marketing were said to have been released to the raided establishment that same day, and no charges were filed against the company.
Reportedly, the timeframe for Norman's alleged crime occurred while he was still the commander of the RCN--prior to assuming his most recent post as the VCDS in 2016.
One of the key reasons for the success of these Japanese dramas on pirated VCDs lay, for their younger viewers, according to Koichi Iwabuchi, in the "cultural proximity" between these programs and their Asian audiences (1998, p.
Nowadays, the use of VCDs causes no increase in access site complications compared to conventional manual compression [2, 3].
VCDs were created to safeguard villagers, not to indulge in communal riots," reads the joint statement of the trade bodies.
To overcome these limitations, a novel VMs Co-residency detection scheme via cache-based side channel attacks (VCDS) is presented.
Extrapolation of these findings to the estimated 550,000 PCI procedures carried out using VCDs in US hospitals every year, the expected annual cost-savings would be around USD38m.
All of a sudden, there were VCDs and DVDs being sold of Nollywood blockbusters.
These are also available in the form of cassettes, CDs and VCDs in Nepalese languages