VCEAVan Cleef Engineering Associates
VCEAVirginia Catholic Education Association
VCEAVentura Classified Employees Association (education support professionals; Ventura, CA)
VCEAVictorian Council of Education Administration
VCEAVirginia Chevelle Enthusiast Association (car club)
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Augustine Provides informational support and professional development Toledo Contracts with a consultant to provide professional development and technical assistance regarding state licensure Table 5 Early Childhood Curriculum across Sites Site Diocesan Notes and Description Curriculum Arlington Yes Diocesan wide curriculum outlined in VCEA guidelines.
VCEA is a non-partisan organization working in the education, grass roots, legislative, regulatory and political arenas advocating for an abundant supply of safe, affordable and dependable energy for all citizens, businesses and industries.
In his role as president, Childress will fill the regulatory role as well as coordinate the day-today administrative operations of VCEA.