VCEACVitamin C Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity
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The antioxidant capacity was the highest in the polymeric fraction and the lowest in the anthocyanin fraction (85 g VCEAC and 6 g VCEAC per 100 g, respectively).
The scientists analyzed the extracts for total phenolic content--gallic acid equivalent (GAE); monomeric anthocyanin content--malvidin-3-glucoside equivalent (MGE); flavan-3-ol content--catechin equivalent (CE); as well as for their antioxidant capacity--vitamin C equivalent antioxidant capacity (VCEAC); HPLC profile and yield.
The investigators analyzed the extracts for total phenolic content (gallic acid equivalent or GAE), monomeric anthocyanin content (malvidin-3-glucoside equivalent or MGE), and flavan-3-ol content (catechin equivalent or CE), as well as for their antioxidant capacity (vitamin C equivalent antioxidant capacity or VCEAC) and yield.
Os resultados foram expressos em [micro]M de capacidade antioxidante equivalente ao Trolox (TEAC), por grama de massa fresca, e em mg de atividade antioxidante equivalente ao acido ascorbico (VCEAC), por 100g de massa fresca.