VCEMVirtual Connect Enterprise Manager
VCEMVirtual Connect Enterprise Manager (Hewlett-Packard; server management software)
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With VCEM providing insights to the actual users experience of their applications both historically and currently, this gives the IT team a powerful tool in its arsenal.
Ten months after the completed of the program, interviews with eight of the participants of the VCEM PLP were also conducted.
The teaching experience of the ten teachers who completed the VCEM PLP ranged enormously; three of the teachers were in their second year of teaching while two had more than 15 years' experience.
Data concerning teachers' MKT collected during the VCEM PLP have been analysed and reported in some detail elsewhere (Vale & McAndrew, 2008).
VCEM alerts managers who then alert the hosted providers or IT staff if the issue is with the infrastructure to the problem.