VCGSVictorian Clinical Genetics Services (Parkville, Victoria, Australia)
VCGSVice Chief of the General Staff
VCGSVapor Crystal Growth System (Spacelab-3 mission; NASA)
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Therefore, studying host resistance and race specificity interactions using isolates representing different VCGs will provide valuable information about the nature of resistance.
homoeocarpa representing 11 VCGs, evaluate susceptibility of 79 clones representing 10 bentgrass cultivars by greenhouse inoculations with one isolate of S.
homoeocarpa representing 11 VCGs were provided by Dr.
However, they limited their analysis to the coexistence of only two VCGs, far fewer than probably exist in most natural populations.
In particular, we investigate whether parasitic nuclear genes or harmful cytoplasmic elements can lead to the evolution of many VCGs, as found in nature.
In this case, recombination between incompatibility genes is impossible, because heterokaryon formation between VCGs is impossible by definition.
For simulation, a dipole-based model is used to calculate the potential on the thoracic surface, with a maternal and fetal vector cardiogram (VCG) as signal sources.
This cardiac vector originates in the center of the heart and varies over time in both amplitude and orientation defining a specific trajectory, which is referred to as the VCG. Using the Moore-Penrose inverse of the Dower matrix [37, 38], also called the inverse Dower transform, it is possible to extract p from a standard 12-lead ECG [39, 40].
cholerae ghosts (VCG) produced by expression of cloned lysis gene E, possess adjuvant properties and are immunogenic.