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VCHVancouver Coastal Health (Canada)
VCHVictoria County History
VCHVSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) Communication HandleR
VCHVerband Christlicher Hotels (German: Association of Christian Hotels)
VCHVideo Controller Hub
VCHVirtual Channel
VCHVeritas Catalog Header
VCHVideo Channel
VCHVpn Client Help
VCHVictoria Central Hospital (Wallasey, UK)
VCHVolunteer Clearing House (University of Colorado)
VCHVertical Clitoral Hood (piercing)
VCHVehicle Control Head (intelligent transporation systems)
VCHVliegclub Hoogeveen
VCHVirtual Channel Handler
VCHVibro Cholerae
VCHVélo Club Harmonie (French bike club)
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Service maintenance of a system for operational monitoring and maintenance of parameters of the hydronic regime (vch) on the primary circuit of 5, 6 units of kozloduy npp plc.
Newport's deputy mayor Phil Norton said the council was looking forward to working with VCH Shropshire and Newport History Society on the project.
These nodes maintain its local data and VCH identifier information in its Local Aware Table (LAT).
VCH's investment in its new office was made possible after the company secured PS250,000 from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, managed by FW Capital.
The purpose of the paper was to investigate a possibility of obtaining surface NCS or UFGS using VCH and to explore their physical, mechanical, and electrochemical properties.
The VCH-ECCR uses Vice Cluster Head (VCH) to guard the CH against failure due to complete energy depletion.
Compared with traditional pre-surgical pharmaceutical therapies, the new therapy, called photo-disinfection technology, developed by a Vancouver-based company, is a novel, non-antibiotic method that kills potentially harmful bacteria harboured in a patient's nasal passages with non-thermal light energy, VCH said earlier this week.
Unlike a conventional VCH volume it has a theme, and explains technicalities.
Campaigners claimed it sealed the fate of VCH as he threatened to make more cuts if the wards remained open to make up the pounds 1.8m in savings.
The Victoria County History, or VCH, is a national project to write the authoritative local history of every English place.
Before the First World War the VCH was based in London, and its writers followed a specific and fairly rigid agenda drawing on printed public records or those held in the Public Record Office.
The trust announced wide ranging cuts and increased the pressure to close wards 6 and 7 at VCH in Wallasey, the future of which have been at the centre of a lengthy campaign.