VCHECVirginia City Hybrid Energy Center (Virginia Department of Environmental Quality)
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Eleven other gob piles in this part of Virginia have already been reclaimed by Gobco, Dominion and DMME because of VCHEC's waste-coal burning capabilities approximately 2.65 million tons to date.
VCHEC is a 600-megawatt power station that utilizes a technology called "circulating fluidized bed" so it can burn waste coal.
Gobco screens out the waste coal and provides it to VCHEC for use in the power station.
Initial cleaning, heating and testing at VCHEC will be performed using fuel oil.
Work began at VCHEC in June 2008 and construction has entered the final phase.
When it comes online, the VCHEC will have a maximum burn rate of approximately 10,300 tons per day.