VCHKVolume Contracted and Hypokalemic
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Okay, once again back to the archives and the "internal censor." You showed me your impressive last collection on the FSB (VChK) archives....
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In September 1920 appointed to the All-Russian ChK (VChK) Collegium and chief of the Secret Department, which he headed until 1924.
Worked in VChK from 1917, 1920 chair of the Moscow ChK, then, from 12 November 1921, chair of the Petrograd ChK, and from February 1922 through 1929 polnomochnyi predstavitel' of GPU/OGPU in Petrograd/Leningrad.
"In 1932 he rejected Menzhinskii, who had proposed to establish an order in honor of the first chairman of VChK ...