VCINVirginia Crime Information Network
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Training consist of Basic Correctional officer, Court room security, Civil processing, entry for jail operations, Basic Dispatch Communication all which exceeds all state mandated training requirements including VCIN certs.
A: Spirometry: Rest spirometry; VT, ERV, IC, VCin, VCex Forced spirometry, FVC, VC max, FEV1, MEF 25, MEF50, MEF75, PEF, FEV1 % max, maximum voluntary ventilation pre og post comparison/provocation test, full screen display of curves and with animation program.
Unfortunately, women in the tamoxifen group also had twice the incidence of uterine cancer, three times the rate of blood clots in the lungs, and 50% more cases of blood clots in major vcins. Fivc women in each group died: all five from breast cancer in the placebo group, and three from breast cancer and two from drug side effects in the tamoxifen group.