VCISVoice Case Information System
VCISVoluntary Cooperative Information System (American Public Human Services Association)
VCISVentilation Climate Information System (US DOI; USDA)
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Recent developments in vapor (or volatile) corrosion inhibiting (VCI) coatings are therefore very welcome.
At the 1st-stage VCIS game, each manufacturer has two VCIS strategies: share and not share.
Alternatively cardboard boxes lined with plastic film can be used as packaging with foam or liquid VCIs added to the container which is then sealed.
The government already makes limited use of one such mechanism--the venture capital initiative (VCI).
The VCI (Vehicule de Combat d'Infanterie) version features a one-man turret armed with a Nexter dual-feed 25-mm M811 gun.
States that enacted reportable or listed transaction disclosure requirements generally provided taxpayers a window of opportunity to participate in some form of VCI. Only a handful of states offered VCIs at the end of 2008; however, as states continue to grapple with deficits, they may look again to VCIs to generate revenue.
In this regard, we also note that VCIS processors, which were evaluated in the early 1990s using measures of speech reception in quiet, were not statistically better for any of the measures than the control CIS processors.
To protect the same happening to its own vehicles, and show other motorists how they can protect themselves, the VCIS is fitting its cars with SecurePlate number plates, made by Midlands manufacturer Hills.
A new type or preventative maintenance program, utilizing environmentally-friendly, vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs), is gaining acceptance at mining operations, according to Arizona-based Corrosion Consultants Worldwide.
Although there is B no centralized national registry of these children, all 50 states annually provide information on their out-of-home care populations to the Voluntary Cooperative Information Service (VCIS) of the American Public Human Services Association.
Also, vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) have been installed in small, enclosed areas.
The venture capital investors (VCIs) have put their invested funds at risk, but both at the time of negotiating the subscription agreement(2), and also subsequently through their ownership stake, they can take steps to 'manage' their risk by making direct and effective demands on the investee for regular information.