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VCLVisual Component Library
VCLVioloncello (Cello)
VCLVideo Camera Lens (various companies)
VCLVirtual Computer Library
VCLVirus Construction Lab
VCLVerification and Computational Logic
VCLVisual Class Library
VCLVideo Cd Layout
VCLVerification Check List
VCLVideo Coding Layer
VCLVideo Coding Layer (digital television)
VCLVegetation Canopy LIDAR
VCLCurvilinear Velocity
VCLVirus Creation Laboratory
VCLVisual Computing Laboratory (various schools)
VCLVirtual Channel Link
VCLVixen Controlled Library (anthro art site)
VCLVixen Controlled Library (Art; Furry Art Website)
VCLVrijzinnig-Christelijk Lyceum (Den Haag)
VCLVirtual Computer Library (University of Texas at Austin)
VCLVisual Control Library
VCLVisual Communication Lab
VCLVertical-Cavity Laser
VCLVoluntary Committee of Lawyers
VCLVirtual Circuit Link
VCLVoluntary Compliance Level
VCLViscoelastic Control Layer
VCLVice Chairman for Liaison
VCLValidated Compilers List
VCLVector Control Language (ICT In-Circuit Test)
VCLVoluntary Collective License/Licensing
VCLVirtual Coding Layer
VCLVariant Configuration Language (Extensible Markup Language)
VCLVertical Control Line
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Currently, the Notes issued by VCL are backed by approximately EUR 2.06 billion of receivables related to motor vehicle lease contracts originated by VWL in Germany.
Debido a los efectos positivos reportados del lixiviado de vermicomposta en el crecimiento y desarrollo de las plantas, el objetivo de esta investigacion es evaluar el efecto de VCL en diferentes cultivos de interes economico en Mexico.
Analogous to the relationship between VCL total and VCL medium, the VAP medium value was higher in the control group than the irradiated group (15.92 [micro]m/s vs.
Therefore, the percentage of the motile sperm did not show any increment in progesterone group in comparison with control group, though VCL increased non-significantly in the progesterone group.
In previous studiess, it was reported that success of fertilization correlated with sperm motility velocities (VCL, VSL, VAP, LIN, STR and BCF) in turbot (Psetta maxima) (Dreanno et al., 1999), African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) (Rurangwa et al., 2001), carp (Cyprinus carpio) (Martinez-Paramo et al., 2009), streaked prochilod (Prochilodus lineatus) (Viveiros et al., 2010) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) (Lahnsteiner, 2000; Kutluyer et al., 2014).
Chronic pain demonstrated a significant influence on VCL, STR, and WOB in overweight patients, with significantly decreased (p = 0.049, p = 0.025, and p = 0.021, resp.) values in OP compared with OC.
The following variables were considered: motility (%), progressive motility (%), VAP (average path velocity, [micro]m/s), VSL (straight-line velocity, [micro]m/s), VCL (curvilinear velocity, [micro]m/s), ALH (amplitude of lateral head displacement, [micro]m), BCF (beat cross-frequency, Hz), STR (straightness, %), and LIN (linearity, %).
Se evaluaron los parametros: movilidad total (MT), movilidad progresiva (MP), velocidad rectilinea (VSL), velocidad curvilinea (VCL), velocidad media (VAP) e hiperactividad (HA).
When Billy met Bradley Billy's cycling club, VCL, is based at Herne Hill Velodrome, the same track where Sir Bradley Wiggins took his first steps to sporting glory as a boy.
H.264/AVC is a widely used international video coding standard, and its coding technique consists of VCL (Video Coding Layer) and NAL (Network Abstraction Layer).