VCLFVermont Community Loan Fund (est. 1986; Montpelier, VT)
VCLFVertical Cask Lifting Fixture
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My hope is that this will serve as a model for future initiatives that protect our lands for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to enjoy with their families said Tom Clarke, CEO of Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund (VCLF) Inc.
But earlier this year they launched a pounds 10m interim VCLF, which is a mix of loan and equity support overseen by Liverpool-based Alliance Fund Managers (AFM) and Yorkshire Fund Managers (YFM).
When the VCLF is fully up and running later this year it will include a development capital fund, a venture capital fund, a loan fund and a priority sector growth fund.
As a West Virginian, Im pleased that this settlement will go toward cleaning up mining sites across my state and hold VCLF accountable to the communities who have such deep roots in these areas.
The NWDA says VCLF finance is available now to businesses in the North West through the interim funding pot, and they can apply for this through Business Link Northwest.
The VCLF is bankrolled by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which pays out in euros.
VCLF works closely with the coal industry to promote best management practices in land reclamation, reforestation, and water quality improvement.
Now expected to be launched in March, the VCLF was originally meant to be up and running a year ago, but has been delayed by buSreaucratic wrangles with Whitehall.
The company, which is affiliated with the Virginia Conservation Legacy Foundation (VCLF), acquired the American Eagle and the Federal No.
The VCLF will receive about pounds 140m from Brussels to invest over a five-year period.
The remaining assets that it was to sell to Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund's (VCLF) ERP Compliant Fuels, including the Corridor G and Federal complexes, has also been completed.