VCLTVienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
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of the VCLT and appears consistent with the jurisprudence of the ad hoc
The general rule of treaty interpretation is contained in Article 31 of the VCLT. (48) Article 31 provides that terms of treaties are to be given their ordinary meaning above all else, in light of the context surrounding the term while also keeping in mind the object and purpose of the instrument.
Therefore, the adoption of the Paris Agreement just displays that the text of the treaty is acceptable in principle (VCLT, art.9); for having binding status, the states adopting it should also express their consent to be bounded by it by one of the means of expressing consent (VCLT, art.11-17).
of the VCLT further provides that "[t]he context for the purpose of
The rules of treaty interpretation in the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969 (VCLT) (106) are commonly referred to when resolving the ambiguity surrounding the territorial application of article 14 CAT.