VCMAXActive Maximum Control Speed (aviation)
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The initial slope (i.e., Vcmax) and the saturating portion (i.e., Amax, and Jmax) of the A/Pi curves were statistically different in the two populations (Table 2).
2a), there were significant inverse relationships between Amax (P less than 0.001), Vcmax (P less than 0.05) and Jmax (P less than 0.01) and Narea (Fig.
Amax (maximum photosynthetic rate at saturating PPFD per unit leaf area), Vcmax (photosynthetic Rubisco capacity per unit leaf area), Jmax (potential rate of electron transport per unit leaf area), and Jmax to Vcmax ratio
In fact Vcmax, Jmax, and Amax were significantly inhibited in higher elevation plants (Table 2).
Furthermore, the rapid decline in Vcmax and Jmax at higher elevation indicated a lower N allocation in the photosynthetic system, despite Narea increased significantly in higher elevation plants (Table 3).