VCMLVietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League (political group)
VCMLVéhicules de Collection des Monts du Lyonnais (French car club)
VCMLValue Chain Markup Language (Vitria Technology)
VCMLVenture Capitalist Markup Language (computing)
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It is our belief that VCML will be a key component to realizing an organization's Extended Enterprise vision.
Transentric, a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Pacific with more than 7,000 trading partners, has leveraged the VCML vocabulary data formats to produce TranXML, enabling approximately 1.
The flexibility of our VCML vocabularies enables organizations to transition to and from any existing or future business standard and extend 30 years of the intellectual capital already invested.
VCML supports the North American, European, and Asian direct material procurement standards (including ANSI X12 and EDIFACT transaction sets in all current versions).
VCML schemas support over 100,000 pre-built vocabulary structures and over 4,000 pre-built, complete documents.