VCMSVirtualCenter Management Server
VCMSValley Center Middle School (Valley Center, CA)
VCMSVernon Center Middle School
VCMSVisual Content Management System (VietSmall)
VCMSVickery Creek Middle School (Cumming, GA)
VCMSVignette Content Management Server
VCMSVehicle Changeable Message Sign (LiteSys, Inc.)
VCMSValley Creek Middle School (Canada)
VCMSVertical Cabinet Management System
VCMSVolvo Cars Manufacturing System
VCMSVision Consulting & Management Solutions (Tonawanda, NY)
VCMSVericom Content Management System
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The most proper way of spatial constructing of the VCMS is the equally dispersed layout (Dakov, et.
In this layout way--the most specific particularity of the VCMS, in the temporarily formed virtual cells (showed by interrupted line) the production of each lot is to be realized on a minimal area and the volume of the transport work is minimal.
The functioning of the VCMS in the time is based on their specific spatial constructing and the formation of VC for each machining lot.
From step 1 is to be ascertained, that the way of modules layout on the floor of the VCMS has an essential importance for making of different module combinations, required to the respective cell.
The theoretically possible VC in the VCMS for machining of the lot (step 1) equals 24 numbers: D1A1C1, D1A1C2, D1A1C3, D1A2C1, D1A2C2, D1A2C3, D2A1C1, D2A1C2, D2A1C3, D2A2C1, D2A2C2, D2A2C3, D3A1C1, D3A1C2, D3A1C3, D3A2C1, D3A2C2, D3A2C3, D4A1C1, D4A1C2, D4A1C3, D4A2C1, D4A2C2 and D4A2C3.
Due to the different form factors of multiple devices, the VCMS needs to be flexible enough to store different versions of the metadata that are required for the form factors of different devices.
ACR Corporation developed the VCMS application with partial funding and support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as part of their efforts to develop a new, nationwide electronic disease reporting system.
With the mobilized version of the VCMS application built using Pumatech's Satellite Forms, workers are able to migrate away from cumbersome, labor-intensive, paper-based processes by electronically collecting and transmitting public health field data back to main offices in real-time.
Effective mosquito-abatement programs require extensive field work, so we wanted to extend the functionality of our VCMS application to handheld devices to provide field workers with a means of simplifying and streamlining data collection and reporting processes," said Peter Nelson, president of Advanced Computer Resources Corporation.
In addition to Satellite Forms MobileApp Designer software, the VCMS application built by ACR Corporation also utilizes Pumatech's Enterprise Intellisync Server to enable real-time, wireless synchronization between the Mobile VCMS field application and the back-end VCMS database (usually Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere) residing on the customer's local area network.
Based on the success of the first-generation Mobile VCMS product, ACR Corporation is already developing new applications with Satellite Forms that will deliver additional capabilities for field inspection work, trap collections and pesticide inventory control.