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Unlike most rotor designs, which feature a constant rotor tip width and rotor tip to chamber wall clearance, each long wing of the 6-wing VCMT rotor is split into three distinctively different rotor tip widths and rotor tip-to-chamber wall clearances (as illustrated in figure 4).
The three short wings of the 6-wing VCMT rotor are different than the long wings; as the tip width and tip-to-chamber wall clearance, along each of their lengths, are constant.
The overall advantages of the 6-wing VCMT rotor are:
When compared with other rotor designs, the 6-wing VCMT rotor gives the fastest cycle times, which leads to the highest throughput.
Products mixed with the 6-wing VCMT rotor have shown reduced Mooney viscosity when compared to material mixed with other rotor designs.
* Disponible con 2 alas, 4 alas H, GWI, vcmt, (patentado) y rotores interengranados.
The information obtained from the two and three dimensional model tests on dispersive and distributive mixing was applied in the design of the new 6WI rotor with patented VCMT. Trial rotors were manufactured and fitted in a 3.4-liter laboratory mixer and a BB16 liter demonstration mixer.
VCMT is a new design concept which features varying tip to chamber side clearances, and rotor tip to tip clearances.
Successful 6WI VCMT rotor mixing trials have been conducted with a variety of compounds.
Figure 9 also demonstrates that the new 6WI VCMT rotor provides a higher range of applicable fill factors and reduces ram seat time (ref.
The rotor utilizes a design concept called various clearance mixing technology (VCMT), whereby the tip clearance of the rotor changes along the length.