VCNVancouver Community Network
VCNVoice Care Network (UK)
VCNVirtual Channel Number
VCNVirtual Cluster Number
VCNVisionary Communications, Inc. (ISP for Wyoming, Montana, etc)
VCNVirtual Circuit Number
VCNVice City News (Grand Theft Auto game)
VCNVizual Care Network
VCNVirtual Closed Network
VCNVarrio Chico Norte (California street organization)
VCNVerification Completion Notice
VCNVisual Communications Network
VCNNight Composite Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in from 1946 to 1948)
VCNVersion Control Number
VCNVolunteer Co-Ordinators' Network (Nottingham, UK)
VCNVisitor Community Network (3Com)
VCNViewing Card Number (Sky)
VCNVirtual Compound Network
VCNVirtual Circuit Network (Internet routing)
VCNVideo Chat Network
VCNVespa Club Namur (Namur, Belgium)
VCNVirtual Collaboration for the Net (Picturetel)
VCNVillage Communication Network
VCNVerbond der Cementnijverheid (Dutch: Association of the Cement Industry; Belgium)
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Initial results show that the three patients treated to date have achieved in vivo VCN and HbAT87Qproduction as good as or better than patients achieving transfusion independence in Northstar.
Our VCN process brings fresh acid, or whatever chemistry is being used, to the surface by disturbing the boundary layer.
VCN will get further financing from Grifols pending successful development of viral therapy candidates.
Designation donnee au VCN, y compris tous termes similaires.
06/Pos Combo 12 5 Outpt Leg MicroScan Walkaway/ Pos Combo Panel 10 6 Outpt Eye MicroScan Walkaway/ Pos Combo Panel 10 7 Inpt Peritoneal MicroScan Walkaway/ Pos Combo Panel 10 8 Inpt Urine MicroScan Walkaway/ Pos Combo Panel 10 9 Outpt Wound MicroScan AutoScan/ Pos Combo 11 10 NH Sputum MicroScan AutoScan/ Pos Combo 11 11 NH Sputum MicroScan AutoScan/ Pos Combo 11 12 NH Urine MicroScan AutoScan/ Pos Combo 11 13 NH Urine MicroScan AutoScan/ Pos Combo 11 14 NH Wound MicroScan AutoScan/ Pos Combo 11 15 Inpt Foot wound E-test; VCN (h) screen plate 16 Outpt Synovial MicroScan Walkaway/ fluid Gram Pos Combo Panel 10 17 Inpt/MICU (j) Sputum MicroScan Walkaway/ Gram Pos Combo Panel 10 18 Inpt/ICU (k) Blood MicroScan AutoScan version 22.
The VCN is a network that allows encrypted transmission of digital information along secure channels, while enabling users to also manage, track, and control files after they have been sent.
The e-Parcel VCN provides complete Internet-based communications management, and eliminates the need for companies to integrate partial solutions from numerous providers.
A major component of VCN is PictureTel's Visual Collaboration Application Service (VCAS), which allows for collaborative conferencing, streaming, and broadcasting of events via a Web video portal.
This was conducted using the VCN operating at 150 Hz.
Para evaluar el tercer aspecto debemos ampliar la escala de analisis y retomar propuestas del patron de asentamiento en esta porcion del VCN.
Nexus VCN 510Cc/50 machining center offers a 50-taper spindle for increased metal-removal capability with higher horsepower and higher torque--it delivers 30hp, 6000rpm, and 206ft/lb torque with a 1:2 fixed gear reducer standard.
Three neutron transmission and scattering setups have been used at the Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland (cold neutrons, CN, SANS-I instrument [11]) and at the Institute Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France (very cold, VCN, and UCN, PF2 instrument [12]), always using essentially the same strategy: preparation of the respective neutron beam using a velocity selector (PSI) or a chopper (ILL) in connection with adequate collimation; detection of transmitted and, in part, of scattered neutrons in 2D-detectors.