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VCNVancouver Community Network
VCNVoice Care Network (UK)
VCNVirtual Channel Number
VCNVirtual Cluster Number
VCNVisionary Communications, Inc. (ISP for Wyoming, Montana, etc)
VCNVirtual Circuit Number
VCNVice City News (Grand Theft Auto game)
VCNVizual Care Network
VCNVirtual Closed Network
VCNVarrio Chico Norte (California street organization)
VCNVerification Completion Notice
VCNVisual Communications Network
VCNVersion Control Number
VCNNight Composite Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in from 1946 to 1948)
VCNVolunteer Co-Ordinators' Network (Nottingham, UK)
VCNVisitor Community Network (3Com)
VCNViewing Card Number (Sky)
VCNVirtual Compound Network
VCNVideo Chat Network
VCNVirtual Circuit Network (Internet routing)
VCNVirtual Collaboration for the Net (Picturetel)
VCNVespa Club Namur (Namur, Belgium)
VCNVillage Communication Network
VCNVerbond der Cementnijverheid (Dutch: Association of the Cement Industry; Belgium)
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He alleged the Olshefskis withdrew at least $10,000 of the money raised as cash, and spent it on items unrelated to VCN.
* Virtual Cluster Node (VCN): These nodes form the members of the virtual cluster and communicate with other nodes to exchange information.
For the variable and check node (VCN) operation methods, we have included information of the techniques implemented in the published studies wherever described.
En el valle Calchaqui Norte (Figura 1), si bien los representantes imperiales parecen haber evitado emplazar sus asentamientos mas importantes en la cercania del foco de ocupacion local (para detalle ver Acuto 1999), hacia el sur del VCN emprendieron la construccion de Guitian (SSalCac 2) (Figura 2).
These in turn host a series of virtual machines which form the Virtual Cloud Network (VCN); each virtual machine is called a Virtual Cloud Network node, with properties including accessible memory, processors, and storage capacity that are mainly responsible for task processing.
[beta] n 0 1 2 3 4 5 15 0.444175 0.281997 0.203815 0.203427 0.264869 0.41323 30 1.21041 0.517539 0.258945 0.203185 0.241179 0.376852 45 2.27495 0.61614 0.260705 0.175626 0.200352 0.327925 60 3.3595 0.433397 0.174726 0.115444 0.149108 0.279531 75 4.15994 0.136299 0.055915 0.050495 0.105159 0.244842 Table 6: Nondimensional frequency variation of fixed PMMA/CNT composite shell for VCN = 0.28.
Every FlexXpand control can be accessed via web browser by any networked computer, or via VCN App by a networked smartphone or tablet.
Philadelphia, PA, March 01, 2016 --( VideoContent.Agency's digital television network, VCN TV - The Video Content Network, today unveiled their latest channel - Your Own University TV ("YOU TV") and show - Paint Yourself Into the Picture starring Coach Reba Linker.
Not having a definition of "real," the claim that a realist enterprise can model UG as part of mathematics is an empty claim, just like it is to claim that UG's content is to be adjudicated to "virtual conceptual necessity" (VCN) (see for example Chomsky, 1995: 169; 2005: 10; 2007: 8, 12), particularly Merge, Copy and Move, whose specific biological status is at best mysterious.
(76) See eg Parliament of New South Wales, Report of the Law Reform Commission on Defamation (LRC 11) (VCN Blight, 1971) [section][section] 101 ff; New South Wales Law Reform Commission, Defamation, above n 29, [section]9.8.
Jacob Powell, executive director of the Virginia Conservation Network (VCN), likened Virginia to a web more than an umbrella, taking more of an interconnected approach as opposed to seeking an umbrella network.