VCNVancouver Community Network
VCNVoice Care Network (UK)
VCNVisionary Communications, Inc. (ISP for Wyoming, Montana, etc)
VCNVirtual Circuit Number
VCNVice City News (Grand Theft Auto game)
VCNVerification Completion Notice
VCNVisual Communications Network
VCNNight Composite Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in from 1946 to 1948)
VCNVersion Control Number
VCNVisitor Community Network (3Com)
VCNVolunteer Co-Ordinators' Network (Nottingham, UK)
VCNViewing Card Number (Sky)
VCNVirtual Compound Network
VCNVideo Chat Network
VCNVirtual Circuit Network (Internet routing)
VCNVespa Club Namur (Namur, Belgium)
VCNVirtual Collaboration for the Net (Picturetel)
VCNVillage Communication Network
VCNVerbond der Cementnijverheid (Dutch: Association of the Cement Industry; Belgium)
VCNVizual Care Network
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Our VCN process brings fresh acid, or whatever chemistry is being used, to the surface by disturbing the boundary layer.
Designation donnee au VCN, y compris tous termes similaires.
The scale and diversity of bookings managed by Abacus (agencie make the process efficiencies in VCN technology very significant.
By generating a unique VCN for every travel booking, the new Abacus VirtualPayment solution will offer a safer alternative to physical corporate or lodge cards, whereas dynamic credit limits, charge validity dates and merchant category restrictions further strengthen corporate governance.
1, where the VCN passing through two slits (Slit 1 and 2) with a separation of 1000 mm on both sides of an evacuated flight tube are monochromated and polarized.
Core requirements for the VCN program are maintaining master and transactional data integrity, and dramatically improving the ability to make faster, better business decisions based on better information access.
The discussion will focus on improvements to the VCN and how colleges, employers and students are using it.
Reporting directly to Steve Elston, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, Schaeffer is responsible for strategy, planning and marketing of IP Dynamics' Secure VCN Software Suite globally.
The market is ready for a secure, highly collaborative solution that is easy to use, deploy and administrate, which IP Dynamics' Secure VCN Suite delivers," said Elston.
For more information on the challenges of purchasing a VPN solution and details on the benefits of IP Dynamics' VCN Software Suite, please read Stratecast Partners' recent report entitled, "A New Approach to VPNs.