VCNOVice Chief of Naval Operations
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The VCNO presented a coin to CSSN Johneduard Cruz and thanked the Food Service team for the outstanding preparation and service they all provided during his visit.
No matter what happens, the secretary, CNO, CMC, VCNO, ACMC and I are committed to taking care of both the men and women in uniform, as well as the men and women who make up our civilian workforce.
The VCNO emphasized this includes ensuring the effectiveness of command EO training, and publicizing command policies against comments and jokes of a racist or sexist nature.
The first one, the Arctic Roadmap was signed in 2009, and I am very happy to tell you, and you are the first person in the media I've told this to, as of two hours ago, the VCNO Adm.
VCNO endorsed the 2040 Strategic Vision Study to develop a strategy that positions the Supply Corps to ensure sustained logistics capabilities that supports the Cooperative Strategy for 21st Seapower and Capstone Concept for Joint Operations.
In April he became one of five finalists from across the Navy for the 2008 VCNO Shore Sailor of the Year, a tremendous achievement.
The VCNO praised NAVSUP's support of the warfighter, as well as NAVSUP's role in humanitarian assistance.
Our message to the VCNO and ASN (RD&A) was that the Supply Domain is responding to the needs of the Navy now and in the future.