VCOGVirginia Coalition for Open Government
VCOGVolusia Council of Governments (Florida)
VCOGVeterinary Cooperative Oncology Group (Veterinary Cancer Society; Spring Valley, CA)
VCOGVictorian Cooperative Oncology Group (Australia)
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06 and VCOG PR 01-03: The << Timing of androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer patients with a rising PSA (TOAD) >> collaborative randomised phase III trial.
Fourniture d%equipements de securite (Trijicon VCOG 1 6X24, PTI IDPA PRACTICE TORSO (FRONT),
Caption: The latest military sight introduced by Trijicon is the VCOG, a variable magnification sight from xl to x6 that meets designated marksman rifleman requirements.
Other options include consolidating VCOG with another organization, continuing it with adequate funding or having the group meet less frequently than nine times a year.
He expected a straw vote to be taken on the issue today, with VCOG scheduled to meet again May 24 and June 28.
If VCOG, a subregional entity for the federally mandated Southern California Association of Governments, were to disband, it would be the first member to do so.
VCOG mostly studies transportation and housing issues in the county.
The single AA battery that powers the VCOG rides in a housing just beneath the objective lens.
There isn't a variable-power scope whose magnification is easier--or faster--to adjust than the VCOG.
Still, officials said that Newhall Ranch, by itself, did not prompt the VCOG agreement, which allows for Santa Clarita's participation in VCOG but does not give the city voting power.
We want to share information on Newhall Ranch and other issues,'' said Councilwoman Jo Anne Darcy, who serves as the representative to VCOG.
Most of the issues with VCOG and our involvement have been minimal at best,'' Taylor said.