VCOGVirginia Coalition for Open Government
VCOGVolusia Council of Governments (Florida)
VCOGVeterinary Cooperative Oncology Group (Veterinary Cancer Society; Spring Valley, CA)
VCOGVictorian Cooperative Oncology Group (Australia)
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VCOG said the court's "reasonable access" language ignored "the fundamental right of the public to oversee and hold this taxpayer-funded branch of government accountable."
"They're still written on faulty premises," said VCOG executive director Megan Rhyne April 18.
Finally, Table 4 presents the results obtained with third spatial method, also based on the vCOG equation [22].
TROG 03.06 and VCOG PR 01-03: The << Timing of androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer patients with a rising PSA (TOAD) >> collaborative randomised phase III trial.
Caption: The latest military sight introduced by Trijicon is the VCOG, a variable magnification sight from xl to x6 that meets designated marksman rifleman requirements.
VCOG Notes Known for virtually bombproof reliability in the extreme conditions experienced by the U.S.
The VCOG is manufactured from forged 7075 aluminum and has an integral base designed for use with AR-pattern rifles or other next-generation carbines such as Bushmaster's ACR.
The single AA battery that powers the VCOG rides in a housing just beneath the objective lens.
There isn't a variable-power scope whose magnification is easier--or faster--to adjust than the VCOG. The fin is also a visual and tactile indicator of what the scope is set at.
The VCOG features half-inch (at 100 yards) click adjustments.
Because of this, FFP reticles are absolutely the way to go, and they're what Trijicon puts in the VCOG.