VCOIVizsla Club of Illinois
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VCOI was founded in November 2017 to focus on empowering creators by managing their content, growing audience and monetizing through brand deals.
For example, in a VCoI with k topics, let TBj be a post of user j that is a reply to post of user i (TBj).
The dark web can be considered to be a virtual community of interests (VCoI) whose members are extremists who share and comment on their feelings and interests with others who support their cause.
Results show that TPA achieves, on average, a modularity measure of 0.33 while the best state-of-the-art algorithm achieves only 0.043 when it is applied over a VCoI. Nonetheless, there are no different results when the semantic filter applied over the networks is increased.
According to sociological theory, it is expected that VCoI's members are related to one another because they share the same interests.
After analyzing the effect of different semantic filters on the quality of overlapping community detection on VCoI, it is possible to see that there are no significant differences.